Purchasing, checking and delivery of goods from China
We find, check, buy, pack, and deliver goods from China in three days or more. Turnkey service and full legal support.
Inspecting and
purchasing Chinese
goods, shipping worldwide
Worldwide delivery
We work under contract only
Legal shipping documents provided
WholesaleMaster - business with China without risks
Inspecting and
purchasing Chinese
goods, shipping worldwide
We can help. We are experts in the wholesale business of goods from China for businesses. Since 2018 and has earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner. We operate without hidden fees, so you know exactly what you are paying for. We have our own warehouse in China, where we inspect the quality of each item and prepare it for shipment to Amazon's warehouse, ensuring a 0% product shortage.
Looking for the best price products from China?
We offer all the services
necessary to bring goods from China directly to you
We give guidelines on packaging to carriers, ensuring that the cargo is intact, helping to formalize the delivery anywhere in the world.
Before each shipment, our specialists carefully check the quality of each item and compliance with the technical specifications.
Goods Inspection
We negotiate the best price and bring the goods to our stock. Upon arrival, we check boxes, packaging, and goods for any damage.
Purchase of goods
We find any product within 24 hours based on your terms of reference, negotiate with the manufacturer, and verify all the details.
Product Search
We work quickly and smoothly
Over five years of experience, we know all the subtleties of the Chinese mentality, which helps to avoid pitfalls.
72 373 KG
Sent kilos of cargo
174 288$
451 772 items
Saved up for our customers
When the cargo arrives in your city, a manager will contact you. You pay for your purchase when you receive it.
5. Payment for the delivery
Safely pack, sign insurance papers, and ship to your city.
4. Packing and shipping
Thoroughly check the goods for defects, the number of units, and compliance with the terms.
3. Checking
We pay for the shipment and take it to our warehouse in Guangzhou.
2. Payment
We negotiate with the manufacturer and agree on the best price without compromising the quality of the goods.
1. Negotiation
We work under contract
Photo and video verification upon inspection
We work directly with reputable manufacturers
We check each item
Wholesale quantity from one box
Available 24/7
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Our partners
Wholesalemaster is an official exporter representative in China. The headquarters are located in the heart of world trade — Guangzhou, with additional offices in Kyiv. We deliver goods across the globe.

Business with Celestial Empire can be easy and profitable if you know how to run it properly. We are ready to spare you much stress, save you time, enabling you to use resources wisely.

Wholesalemaster mission is to make selling goods from China easy, affordable and secure for everyone.

All the headache associated with choosing suppliers, securing contracts with factories, checking products, exporting and unloading is gone. We handle it all! Every phase of a turnkey deal with China is budget-friendly. It works as a huge time-saver for you.

Wholesalemaster is an outsourcing company that brought Chinese goods trading to a new level!

Do you want to earn a lot and do what you love? Text us or fill in an application form on our website — we will get back to you soon and clarify all the details!
A document certifying the company's business activities in China:
Wholesalemaster - your China-based indispensable assistant!
Office and warehouse in China
Runjing Plaza, 91 Airport Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
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