Purchasing, checking and delivery of goods from China

Search, redemption, verification and delivery of goods from China to anywhere in the world in a from 3 days term

Purchasing, checking and delivery of goods from China

We will save your money and time when working with Chinese suppliers

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How do we work?
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Protection from Dealing with Intermediaries

We directly collaborate with our extensive database of over 1000 manufacturers. We carry out legal verifications in cases of new suppliers.

Protection from Defective Products and Returns

Every product is meticulously inspected and packaged in our own warehouse in China, ensuring the highest quality standards and minimizing the risk of returns.

Protection from Fraudulent Transactions

We have established trustworthy relationships with reputable Chinese contractors, guaranteeing secure payment processes.

Legal Safeguards for All Parties

Our operations are conducted in full compliance with legal contracts, and we provide all necessary documentation for your peace of mind.

How do we help customers? The Advantages of Working with Wholesalemaster

What is Included in the Service Package?

Product Search

We can find any goods within 24 hours with your technical requirements. We negotiate with manufacturers and ensure all details are clarifed.

Purchase of goods

We secure the best prices and purchase the goods to our warehouse. We carefully inspect the condition and packaging of the products upon arrival.

Product verification

Before each shipment, our experts conduct a thorough quality check of each product unit to ensure it meets the technical specifications.

Product packaging

We package the goods according to your requirements, using reliable materials such as cardboard, foam and wooden packaging to ensure safe transportation.

Goods Delivery

We provide recommendations for the carrier company’s packaging to ensure the cargo arrives safely and intact. We can assist with arranging delivery worldwide

Goods Storage

We offer storage solutions in our warehouse, If you have orders with different production dates or require partial deliveries from a batch that need to be consolidated.
Get a calculation of the cost of the goods with turnkey delivery
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Why should I work with Wholesalemaster?
6 Compelling Reasons:

Direct Manufacturer Connections

We work directly with manufacturers, ensuring a reliable source for your products.

Turnkey Service

We handle every stage of product sourcing and production, saving you time and effort. Our process is 'turnkey,' simplifying the entire experience.

In-House Warehouse

We have our own warehouse in China for quality control and product preparation before shipment.

Quality Assurance

With a business license and export license, we’ve been serving clients since 2018. We provide transparency and no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Accurate Scheduling and Insurance

We offer the best transport conditions, guarantee delivery compliance, and insure your products against damage or loss.

Effective Communication

Overcome language barriers and time zone differences with our expertise in the Chinese market. We manage all communication with Chinese suppliers on your behalf.
Get a calculation of the cost of the goods with turnkey delivery
[PDF file, 1 MB]

We Operate Efficiently and Surely

We have 5 years of experience and we understand the intricacies of Chinese business practices, enabling us to navigate potential challenges seamlessly

1. negotiations

We negotiate with the manufacturer, agree the best price without compromising the quality of the goods.

2. Payment

We handle payment for the shipment and oversee the transfer to our warehouse in Guangzhou.

3. Verification

We carefully check the goosd for defects, the number of units and compliance with the technical specifications.

4. Packing and shipping

We meticulously package your cargo meticulously, provide insurance and arrange for secure shipment to your city.

5. Delivery Payment

Upon the cargo’s arrival to your city, our manager will get in touch with you. You can complete the payment for the delivery after your receiving the cargo.

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